Day three

Wind was just perfect on the third day for setting up the sails. Pale and Ingo prepared everything so that we could have these 3 perfect hours of sailing. I was laying down on a bench, in front of the wheel, reading and listening to music. I could not hear anything but saw all the preparation steps. My dear friend came to me and said that I should put everything in the room because we are going to sail and I started to laugh a bit. I mean I didn’t quite understand why I should gather all my things; it was definitely not the first time when I was sailing. Then I discovered the huge difference between a catamaran and a sailing boat. I did what Ana said and I need to tell you this: when the boat inclined, until it reached the water I felt that sensation of going to extreme. I enjoyed that, even though at first I was not so confortable. I got used to it and I will definitely repeat it.

sailing boat inclined

We were heading to the island of Vis and we stayed overnight in Stiniva bay. First thing we found out after anchoring was that there was no cell signal. We were actually out in the open, in nature, having our first day without communication in a long while. Sunset and sunrise, I don’t even have to find words for explaining; welcoming and special landscape and a little something made by human hand, this small terrace where we had coffee in the morning. The bay was nice for swimming and the big rock walls were inviting you to jump into the water. The evening, sleeping in that bay, and the morning were amazing; and after that much beauty we went for more: the blue cave in the island of Bisevo. Blue cave is something that amazes you. I am so grateful for witnessing that much beauty. In this particular case, pictures will not help you understand; you just need to experience it.

terrace between rocks

Day four

After such a wonderful day, things were continuing in the same direction. Pale, our skipper arranged a nice dinner in this place called: Rokis. We will talk about that evening for a long time from now on, for sure. The place is owned by two brothers and like all the success stories; they started with just two tables. Now, they have a two level terrace and a famous oven where they cook “peca”. Early order has to be done and you need to tell what kind of meet or fish you prefer. The taste of the food, the wine, and deserts and how nice the people are there are amazing and I would invite you to experience it. And when you go, they will send the most skilled driver to pick you up. This amazing Jack Russell so cute and smart will make your evening even more pleasant.

collage chef_dog_girls_me

Day five

So, we were planning to spend a late afternoon, to have dinner and stay overnight in Vis but our plans were ruined by the strong wind. In the morning we just changed the docking place and spend an entire day and another evening in Vis. About the town of Vis I will have another story. The place has its history, is beautiful and has a Venetian air.

After one windy day we were waiting to see what the weather condition would be for the next day. They were saying the next days will be sunny and the waters calm. So that you can picture it: wind was so calm that we didn’t even had enough for wind surfing. We tried, did our best but no…exercise is needed and much stronger wind. The attempt was nice though, thanks to Ingo, and all the bruises… (they are almost gone, after a monthJ)

ana wind surfing

Day 6

I am so close now to the last day spent with this crazy and wonderful crew. We enjoyed so many moments together. Day six we had to approach Sibenik but we still had our swim and dinner out. We were in the island of Drvenik, Kanica bay (near Primosten) and had dinner on the only terrace from the island of Prvic (Sepurine). The island has no roads, only a post office and a police station; one restaurant and one bar. People are coming here for these almost unique aspects in our days. There is this story about a beautiful girl that knows more than 7 languages. She was traveling all over the world, working with important companies but she had an empty heart. She was suppose to meet her other half somewhere near this island of Prvic and she is now happily married to the guy and living in this place, the small island in Croatia, Adriatic Sea, with no roads and only a post office. I will let you meditate on this.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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