Ladies, you are in luck. If you are running out of ideas of what to wear or simply can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends this article might come in handy. Sit back, relax and let us show you some great outfits and tell you some awesome tips that will keep you stylish throughout this winter. Although the big fashion houses are showing off with some amazing styles for spring-summer season for 2014, we are going to present some outfits for this season.

In Vienna, where MyTravelStudio is currently on vacation, people are lucky, they still enjoy the sunshine and altogether a great weather, so they are not forced to bring out the winter clothes just now. They’ll have time to slowly make the change from thin, colorful clothes with the ones for the colder season.

Speaking of colors, the lower temperatures might make you choose some dark shades for your wardrobe.  On the runway though, white makes one of the strongest impressions.  So a very chic white coat fits in at the office and also white denim works for the weekend. As you can tell, we are just talking about the color of end 2013. Still need further guidance?

Here are 3 very trendy examples so make sure you take notes.


Ok, so maybe some of you might not like white or maybe it’s not in your advantage to wear it, don’t worry; we have some fashion advice for you too.


For those of you that love leather, we have great news.  Some of the best fashion houses, starting with Channel, Luis Vuitton or Gucci show that the rebel woman is most definitely hot this winter. If you find yourself in this description, make sure your closet is equipped with zips, chains and leather.


Obviously not everything is black and white so if you are still not feeling inspired and you like wearing more daring shades you are also in luck. Other colors for this winter are blue and emerald green.  If you need further proof, Valentino and PRADA are using this color a lot on the runway. Have a look below.


Ok ladies, these are all the fashion advice we have for you today but stay close for more and for some men fashion trends. Also for all the fashion lovers out there, don’t forget to catch up with more latest trends by watching “Sao Paolo Fashion Week”.

Keep in mind that anything you wear represents your personality and fashion is like traveling, you just need to be the experience!

My name is Mirona and I was born in a small city in Romania. I moved to Bucharest a couple ofyears ago and since then my life is pretty much full of amazing adventures. I am one lucky person, I was given the opportunity to travel and not only that, I get to share my stories with you, which is pretty awesome.

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