Thailand, also called the Land of Smiles, a true tropical kingdom,with luxuriant nature and boundless spirituality is also famous for the traditional therapies with healing effect and rejuvenationfor body and soul.

The rich Thai culture includes a variety of natural remedies, equally appreciated by natives of this Eastern Paradise but also tourists from around the world.

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For example, the use of plants is part of the holistic healing culture, inherited  and practicedin the traditional Medical Schools, the Buddhist monasteries and in every house in the cities of Thailand.

Another jewel of the Thai traditional medicine is the Thay Yoga massage, officially recognized as the traditional method of healing. This method is also encouraged by the state.

The Thai Yoga Massage combines elements of acupressure, ayurveda, stretching of all the muscles and maneuvers  taken from yoga that help lossen up all major joints.

A Thai Yoga massage session takes place on a special mattress, does not require undressing and the use of massage oils. The therapists use their hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure on the places located along the energy lines of the body. The Massage maneuvers are accompanied by breathing instructions that help oxygenate the body and soothing the mind.

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The Thay Yoga is equally preferred by sports enthusiasts and the ones that preffer a sedentary lifestyle. This massage method helps release muscle tension, increases flexibility, reduces stress and calms the mind.

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