Someone once told me “I don’t talk to strangers” and this was a sentence I didn’t forget. I took it rather fancy than serious at that time but anyhow; I cannot apply this on me for sure. I do talk to strangers and that’s why I would not call a person I saw for the first time, a stranger, I would call it a new acquaintance. On our first part of “British Virgin Islands story about people” you already met Crazy Richard, Charlie and Dumo. I met all of them on Anegada Island.
Today you’ll be delighted to hear stories about some other beautiful people.

We met Julian Putley as a skipper and the whole time he spent “driving” us through the beautiful Islands we found out that he is also a writer and that he spent 30 years as a sailor. “Writing books takes a lot of time, two or three years”, Julian told us, but until now he managed to write some. “Sunfun Gospel” – a zany journey through paradise, but it is not unbelievable. In fact it easily could have happened”. Sunfun Gospel is the book I am reading right now and for which I’d like to thank Julian. The action in the book is actually happening on the background of the Caribbean’s banana wars. In case you are interested in reading more on the topic or some other books signed by Julian you can easily access amazon.
Having Julian as our skipper was the best thing that could have happened to us because, I’m sure you can imagine, he knows every little amazing spot on BVI and he can only give you good advice on what to see, where to do snorkeling, where to eat or step on the whitest, pinkest or goldenness sand you have ever stepped on.
He also jokes a lot; I mentioned him that I am not the best swimmer in the world and he quickly remembered a story. “Do you know why sailors couldn’t swim back in the days?” he asked. “Well, in case some of them fell off board a ship it was kind of impossible to turn that thing back for him, so he would die immediately in no prolonged pain”. Tip: in case you are renting a boat on BVI and you need a skipper ask the people from the charter company 9BVI Yacht Charter for Julian and I promise you’ll have the best time in BVI.
British Virgin Islands

Having a ride on Tortola, on those steep and curved roads, you just cannot miss the Stoutt’s Look Out place. It is a nice terrace where you will enjoy a good cocktail or a local beer with some tasteful ribs, while admiring the astonishing view over Cane Garden Bay. After finding a seat someone comes to greet you and in case he sees you’re in the mood for a short chat he’ll spend some minutes with you. He is Prince, from the Stoutt’s family. He recently moved back from the States. “I used to work in hotel and restaurant industry there, but after 40 years I decided to come back home and enjoy the beautiful things in life”. On the counter you’ll see a photograph on a visible place. “In that picture is H. Lavity Stoutt, he was my uncle. Lavity was the first and longest serving chef minister of the British Virgin Islands, he won five general elections and he was also the leader of the united party”.
Prince was just preparing things for the next day when they were to celebrate the memory of his uncle. After his death, in 1995 a public holiday was declared on the 7th of March, the day of Hamilton Lavity Stoutt.
On that photograph, on the counter at the bar it is also written Stoutt’s favorite quote: “Where there is no vision people will perish”.
Just before leaving the Stoutt’s Look Out terrace, Prince mentioned that soon his terrace will not only be a terrace, there will be “restaurant & bar, this is what I’ll write over here”. Good luck with your business Prince and keep doing what’re doing”.
British Virgin Islands

The list of our special and new acquaintances does not end here. One of Julian’s recommendations for a rather fancy dinner in a wonderful place was Brandywine Estate Restaurant. We all agreed it is worth trying so we went. About the restaurant and food, you’ll have another article on our cuisine chapter of the site. Because we are still on people’s stories I’ll tell you some things about this wonderful girl called Patricia Ramcharran. She is that kind of a person who loves life, enjoys every second of it, ambition and determination are the things that guides her and “I get bored easily so I always need to do something, not waste a second”, she says. Patricia is an expat and she decided to live in BVI nine years ago because “there is such a low crime rate here and for a young person that is very important”. She came from Guyana, Northern coast of South America, where she was a schoolteacher. Currently she designs kitchen and bathrooms and in the afternoon she comes to Brandywine. “I really love this place, it is very nice and it is a pleasure for me to serve dinner for all these people, locals and tourists, I do enjoy my work”. We could easily notice that, because Patricia knew the answer for every question we had regarding the menu. She even told us that she tasted every dish and every two weeks they make some changes to the menu so that regular clients don’t get bored. They of course have some dishes, some signature dishes they’ll keep. I think that’s a good approach for keeping the customers. We all wish you luck and a beautiful life, Patricia!
British Virgin Islands

Having to meet such great people on BVI was a great pleasure and I dedicate both of the stories to them! But before finishing part II there are some more people I would like to mention here:
Girls from the base charter, BVI Yacht Charter, Abbie and Cassie, really warm and nice people; chef Panzy and waitress Kimaal from Peg Leg Restaurant; Quitos from the restaurant on the beach with the same name; Lynn Johnston from SurfBVI, who did a great job; Eduard, the pilot and the guys from the fire department in Anegada International Airport.
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