One of the things you’ll always remember when traveling is the food you eat. MyTravelStudio is giving you some ideas about the best local food in British Virgin Islands.

Quito’s Gazebo on the beach, this really is something local. They serve lunch and dinner always accompanied by insular music. There is a band playing every evening and sometimes the singer is the owner, the most famous artist in BVI, Quito Rymer. What can you eat there? You definitely should try the hamburger. Their sandwiches and salads are also good.  Don’t forget to ask for their famous cocktails. Location: Cane Garden Bay.


Another authentic insular place is located strategically, I would say. Up on the hill (Windy Hill), with its astonishing view over Cane Garden Bay, the Stoutt’s Look Out could be a nice experience. It is best when you come here at noon to have this nice lunch with Prince’s famous ribs. He really is a nice host and they probably serve pizza by now, like the guy said when we were there. Cocktails are also a good choice; more about Stoutt’s family here.


Another original place to eat, best for having breakfast, is D best coup. Most of the clients here are locals so you’ll get the chance to mingle. What to order? That’s really a difficult choice because they have some delicious dishes. In case you like eggs, that’s your place! Where is it? Soper’s Hole Wharf & Marina, Frenchman’s Cay (West End Tortola)

marina soper's

All the places we’ve told you about until now are located in Tortola but there are some more nearby. Cooper Island is a private owned small island and there is one beach club resort. You’ll have here a lunch to remember. Salads are amazing, fish and hamburgers too. Great cocktails? Also checked!

cooper island

There is a very old resort on Peter Island, another privately owned piece of ground. Besides the fact that it looks great, the place has a really nice restaurant and bar. What to order? There is more than one thing that tastes great. I went with the salad and a very good cocktail. I think the choice here would be another wise one.

peter island

Food is diverse in BVI, you will find all kinds of cuisine but majority of restaurants, especially the ones on the beach, will serve you a lot of barbecue, hamburgers, chicken, seafood, delicious salads and not very much fish. What happened to the fish in the insular kitchen? Well, they say there are two important causes for the lack of fish in the restaurants: one is that fishing is not a well-paid job anymore, so locals prefer to work as taxi drivers. The other thing is that there is not much fish left after those giant fishing boats are leaving. Many thanks to all those mentioned here. We’ll be back soon with more about restaurants and dinning in BVI.

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