I travel around the world and even if I prefer to find destinations and accommodation by myself there are still some very nice guys to whom I am always going when I need help regarding everything that has to do with traveling: destinations, accommodation, flights and everything that crosses my mind when I think about traveling.

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Book a flight

You’re planning a holiday in advance or need to be in one place ASAP, you have a business trip or welling to go somewhere for a concert, Aerotravel is a good choice. They will help you with the best option, route and price. They can even advise you when they have a better idea then yours. When longer routes and changing flights are necessary they will stay with you until you say: yes! This is it! That is happening to me and it is really comforting to have someone to rely on.

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Find the best accommodation

When I am not staying in a private villa and I need a hotel room, a resort or small boutique, I go with Aerotravel. Sometimes I even find a place that I would like to stay in, I tell the guys and then leave everything else on their hands; meaning they will make the best price, book and take care of everything else. Some other times they come with more options and I get to choose. Either way is convenient and easy.

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They help you organize and plan a holiday    

Sometimes I call them and just give some vague data about what I intend to do, like: I want to go there, have this kind of holiday, would prefer to stay in a place like this, we will be 4 or more people etc. With these details, they will give me all kind of options and in just a few days or sometimes more we plan a perfect holiday together.

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Organize surprise holidays

A few years ago I found the best way to surprise my other half for his birthday. I am not necessarily for something material when it comes to a present and I think that traveling somewhere and see something new, meeting new cultures will make a person richer. I remember organizing the first trip as a birthday present. That was not easy! First of all make the budget and find the destination and what comes after seems to be even more complicated. The idea is you need to keep in mind every detail and very important- you do not get to talk to your birthday guy (or girl) about anything. Who’s helping me with this? The same people I am talking about here, to whom I only have nice words to address, like a big THANK YOU!!!

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I have some great experiences of traveling with Aerotravel and that’s the reason I decided to tell you about them. I appreciate someone’s work when it is professionally done and well delivered. In case you already are MyTravelStudio’s reader you know the way we are thinking and what kind of things and experiences we publish here. I wish you all the best my dear traveler!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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