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Best sailing destinations on Earth

The best summer holiday you can ever imagine is the one when you go sail those amazing turquoise waters, drop the anchor near small green islands and swim with the most beautiful colored fish you have ever seen. And the scenario I am now talking about is not one taken from a movie, it is…

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5 amazing things about sailing

I keep writing about how wonderful a vacation spent on a boat can be, but this time I will try to reveal my own feelings and tell you 5 amazing things about sailing. My relationship with this kind of traveling started 7 years ago, when I first spent a week sailing in Croatia. Adriatic Sea…

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Girls boat trip. From day one up to three

Sailing has a big advantage because you are going to see so many beautiful places and do such great things. The “Blue Cave” from the Adriatic is one of the places that I would have never discovered if it wasn’t for sailing. Let me tell you about other beautiful locations in Croatia that I discovered…

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