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San Francisco – The Golden City

A guy decided one day that he wants to cross the Golden Gate Bridge on the will of a racing car. They even had to close the streets for that and for a perfect race, he had to do it more then once.  So now the guy, the car and Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco, are…

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Las Vegas, The Sin City!

Incredible hot, lights wherever your eyes turn to, expensive cars, fancy casino hotels. And this is how it looks on the outside, because the truth is that Las Vegas lives inside. The real city is behind close doors. Air conditioner in every corner, slot machines, roulette and private rooms for poker, cabaret and all kind…

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It’s up to you…New York!

I left New York with just a few pictures and that doesn’t bother me at all. I usually take at least one thousand in one place but not this time. Not because I did not had the “subject” but I definitely didn’t had the time. We took the yellow cab from Kennedy Airport to our…

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