The title of this article says everything what I am prepared to write about here, but I am sure it is something that all of us want to know at a certain moment when we visit a place.  We all need to know where to find the most special thing that we bring home with us to be a reminder of our journey, besides our own memory and photos that we take. I’ve seen some great souvenir shops from around the world that I would like to tell you about.


Batuan art galleries in Bali

I remember the villages of artists in Bali. The Balinese people have a worldwide known fame when it comes to manufacturing beautiful things. There are villages with different areas: from wood polishing, to silver jewelry making or painting and much more. We will make a pit stop to Batuan, the painter’s village, even though my wish was to bring a bathtub at home. We found this gallery very easily because it is located on the main street and for sure we spent many hours there. I just love the paintings we bought and actually the whole process of buying those beautiful work of art pieces. Having them here is like having a small part of “the island of peace” with me.

photo 1

Vera’s Pottery, Anegada BVI

Anega is some other special, but remote place on earth. When you are there and talk to that small number of people actually living on the island they will all tell you about Vera, the lady who’s doing those amazing plates and some other pottery. Finding the place is not that hard and you’ll realize it as soon as you are there. The island is so small and there is only one place called Vera’s Pottery.

photo 2

Barbara Blanche atelier

For the next three places we come to Europe, in some of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. Eze village is just near Monte Carlo and I have an entire story prepared about this wonderful small historic village. Wondering the narrow streets you just cannot miss this art Gallery owned by the nice lady Barbara Blanche. She is an artist and the colors she uses in her paintings are phenomenal. Doesn’t matter what painting you choose, it will enchant your eyes forever.

photo 3

Andrea Rontini, Castellina in Chianti

I have three photos hanging just where the dining table is, and they were made by Andrea Rontini, a photographer born in Antella, near Florence. He started in the 80’s and this passion of his for photography brought him worldwide recognition now. The gallery I am talking about is located in this amazing place on Earth that I love the most, called Tuscany. The name of that small town is Castellina in Chianti.

photo 4

Caffe Garerija LAV, Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb is a nice town that I newly discovered thanks to my dear friend and I’ll let you know everything I found there in another article. It certainly is one of the things that need to be told here. A beautiful art gallery and coffee place is just around the corner when you enter through the gates of the old town. Besides the fact that people there are very nice and they serve you this wonderful coffee and cakes. Besides these, you’ll find some other extraordinary things there too, like special pieces of art created with passion. So, being in Zagreb is a good idea, visiting this Caffe Galerija LAV is a great one.

photo 5

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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