Category: Where to stay

Fairmont hotel in Monte Carlo

What do you expect when booking a place to stay? What’s your idea of an excellent accommodation? Well, I am going to tell you about my idea and in the end we will most probably find out that we have things in common. For a demonstration I will make a review for the most recent…

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Villa and hotel room with a view

Villa and hotels with view are probably the most searched places when going on holiday. No matter how long you’ll stay in the room, the space has to give you the best mood and have that positive energy. MytravelStudio presents: room with a view. We’ll go from the ocean room with a view to the…

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Amazing resorts of the world

I woke up this morning picturing an amazing spot of the world which very briefly I would describe like this: small houses with thatched roof coming out of clear turquoise water, blue and green as far as the eye can see, beautiful and smiling people waiting to welcome you. And of course the place does…

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