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Waterbike, ultimate wellness, beauty and fitness center

I am so excited because of my discovery from the other day, that I don’t even know what to tell you first! I’ve done at least 4 things at the same time and it all happened in less than an hour: sports, relaxation, enjoying water, biking …yeah and you’ll be tempted to mock my words now and even not believe me, aren’t you?


Now, you have seen me in this wonderful machinery, smiling at the beginning because I had no idea how it was going to work or what it meant exactly. I had the same smile on my face, or even larger when my session was done! Do you know why? Because of how I felt during and after the exercise, amazing! What’s your reaction to something completely unknown? In this particular case you see one machinery that resembles a “small jacuzzi”, but not so much; where you’ll spend 45 minutes pedaling! Well, nothing to be scared about! One of those nice ladies from the center will guide you through “how it works” and you’ll be enlightened in no time. My “coach” was Gabriela Beta, the one who brought Waterbike (Aqoabiking) in Romania “this is much more than a water bike, this is a wellness area, beauty and fitness center, it is a relaxing break,” Gabriela told me. I definitely agree, she describes the feeling precisely.


So there is this waterbike, that has one screen were you’ll actually “prepare” your personal training exercise. And there is more than that. You’ll have this other screen where a videotape runs your chosen exercise mode and you’ll be guided through all session. My choice was Zen, cause I prefer it so much these days J. And let me just show you, I mean just imagine: I had chromotherapy, a 32 degrees Celsius water enhanced with ozone and some other beneficial aromas for the body, Jacuzzi massages, I even had nice relaxing music, and it was all happening while I was pedaling. 10 Km may not be much but competition was not the idea this time. I was spending some time with me, myself and I in one cabin. In case you feel the need for a “party waterbiking” you can call your friends because 3 of the 5 cabins have doors between each cabin.


I just described the scenery happening at the Waterbike Centre Romania, but I am more than positive you’ll find almost the same in your country. The whole concept comes from Paris and it rapidly spread in some other European countries too.  To be honest I am glad we have it here now and promise to find out some other locations after the next session.

This posting goes to the same chapter where I tell you about beautiful people and things I come across on my everyday life.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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