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Why visit London

Why visit London or how my colleague Mirona fell in love with this gorgeous city from United Kingdom. She visited London two weeks ago and I was asking here to give us some hints and stuff about her trip and exactly what was the main reason of this trip. The only way I can tell…

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Off road trip in Romania

Winter is not here yet, but still; close enough to induce that holiday feeling. These are the moments when you gather some friends and do something that you enjoy at the maximum; like spending a weekend in nature on an off road trip. This is exactly what we have done and because I consider it…

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The land of chateaux

Why visit Loire Valley The land of chateaux The Internet is so full of information on where you can travel: “must see locations”, “100 places for your bucket list”, or “top 10 islands” etc. Articles with such titles are among the most searched on Google and the information we receive can prove to be very…

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