There is a first for everything and then it all depends on whether you will repeat the experience or you’ll just stay with that one time.

My first girls boat trip started with a lost flight (small detail already reveled on MyTravelStudio). After re-routing, all went very smoothly, considering that I also lost a bus! Important thing is that my dear friend Ana was waiting for me on the Adriatic coast, my destination, no matter how difficult it was to arrive there.

The idea was to spend a couple of days near Zadar area before getting on that sailing boat, and this was an excellent idea. Even though I get to see Croatia every summer, I never saw these beautiful places before. In Punta Scala for example, where my friend’s parents spend their summer, I saw beautiful beaches and one of those incredible sunsets. Photographing that moment was not so easy though, we were driving and exactly when Ana was telling me about the sunset in Punta Scala, I saw it behind us, I started to shout: Stop the car! Stop the car! She showed me the formula one-driver skills she possesses and here you go, an attempt, just for convincing you that sunset in Punta Scala is that beautiful!

sunset in Punta Scala

From the moment I started the trip I felt like when you are a kid and visit relatives and friends during summer holiday. Ana’s mother was cooking for us and you cannot imagine how good was that soup after almost 13 hours of being on the road. It was like she knew exactly what I needed and the taste of it…amazing! Being for two days on the coast with my friend was all about story telling hours, enjoying the sun and water, excellent food cooked by Ana’s mother and visiting places I’ve never been before. Spending quality time with friends equals priceless moments. I am not the best organizer of my life rhythm but I always try to make room for my friends. Like my dear Ana says: “always nourish your friendships, it is one of the most important things in life”.

me _ Ana

Next article will be more about the city of Zadar and places to visit when you are in the area. Like already promised I’ll introduce you the crew I sailed with for a week in Croatia and tell you all the funny and beautiful stories and everything about places we visited and good restaurants.

sailing boat

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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