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Dinner in New York City

Are you in New York right as we speak or planning to be there soon? That is just perfect because I have this wonderful idea about where to send you for dinner or even lunch or a brunch in New York City. Ok, how does that sound to you? A place located in Manhattan, 72…

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5 amazing things about sailing

I keep writing about how wonderful a vacation spent on a boat can be, but this time I will try to reveal my own feelings and tell you 5 amazing things about sailing. My relationship with this kind of traveling started 7 years ago, when I first spent a week sailing in Croatia. Adriatic Sea…

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Girls boat trip. First time

“I think it’s time that I prepare you for the boat trip”, Ana told me after I arrived in Zadar. My thought: first time on a girls boat trip! She was really nice trying to explain everything, especially the fact that being on a sailing boat has almost nothing to do with being on a…

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