MyTravelStudio is built on a dream come true and today we celebrate the second year of its existence on the Internet world, between the multitudes of travel based blogs and magazines.

One of my dreams since I’ve been a small child was to travel around the world (How it all began) and a living proof that dreams do come true when your belief is strong enough is this travel blog. I am now traveling a lot, I experience new things, embrace different cultures and I let myself be amazed by the beauty of the world. On all of my journeys I am accompanied by my other half and my dear friends, which is even nicer. Some other times I just get to know new people and we share this experience together. Planning a holiday takes us a few months but other times we just get on the plane or car and go. Each one of these options always sounds good.

I in the hammock

What’s MyTravelStudio about?


MyTravelStudio is about sharing beautiful experiences from traveling around the world. During these two years we went through several stages. The start was a bit shy and unsecure because I was not sure of how we should tackle the writing on the Internet and more precisely what’s my place here, (Internet, the new working place). I was working in media for over 10 years and I always treated subjects with professionalism and objectivity, this is why it took me a while to be more open and to let people take a look inside, to let them pass through the walls and to have this personal touch on all of my articles. I was a bit skeptical at first because more personal means I am writing a blog and not a magazine (what I was used to) and personal means exposure. But, on the other hand personal means that people around the world will get the opportunity to identify themselves with all of my stories. They will actually “be the experience” and that is MyTravelStudio all about. It is about making you feel so that your choice will be to eventually step into our traces.

i walk in the sand

Who is MyTravelStudio?


MyTravelStudio is more than only I, Anamaria Chiorean. It is also Bogdan Dinga and Mirona Armaziu and even some other wonderful people that I will not mention here, but they do contribute a lot to this project. I am aware that bloggers work alone in general and besides the fact that they write, they also do the other necessarily parts. Talking about me, I was always used to work with people so this is the reason I chose teamwork this time too. Working in a team always makes my activity much more dynamic, challenging and interesting. No matter how difficult it is sometimes, we always try to make our collaboration productive.

miro _ bogdan collage

MyTravelStudio today


Now that we chose our path things are going to be more clear and easy. At MyTravelStudio you will continue to read my stories, you will have those villa and hotel reviews, restaurants ratings, the discovery part where we’ll write about cities of the world, romantic or some other trips that we consider as interesting. The yachting part will continue having its important role on our blog and I am very soon planning on offering you some food recipes that I like to cook. Talking about personal touch and opinions we will soon have a surprise for you.

This is MyTravelStudio today, a rather luxury travel blog where readers and travel lovers from all over the world could find something that suits them.


I am grateful for having this blog and all that is behind and makes it possible.

Happy birthday My dear Travel Studio!

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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