When you really want something and you strongly believe it can be possible, than it will! There you go, I have this example in mind right now. Moving from one place to another usually means changing lots of things. One is the hairdresser, which for many of us is important. Recently being moved to Bucharest I begun my research in this matter. And when I say research that means I find a hair salon, make the appointment, actually go there and try it out. Well, I won’t say names but I had my disappointments. Oh, no! Wait a minute! My first experience with a hairdresser in Bucharest was some years ago when I attended a wedding. I needed the simplest thing! A ponytail! But as almost all the time, the simplest is the hardest to achieve. Well, my ponytail cost around 150 euros because I insisted to have it done at one of those posh salons located in a world wide known hotel. And I even had to make it again, on my own before going to the wedding, because it really was not looking like a ponytail. Well, that was funny experience no.1, followed by some other ones until one day!


Salon Tribute by George Soare

The day I found my idea of a professional and welcoming hair salon finally came when I called a friend and she said the word! And I think we have some things to agree on! What do you expect from a hair salon and what does professional and welcoming people mean? In Romania we have a saying: “man sanctifies the place”. I hope I translated well, so that you can understand what I mean. Salon Tribute by George Soare is the place where you go for 1 or 2, maybe more hours and when the work is done, than you feel content. I happened to be there when a lady came for dyeing her hair. When everything was done, she was getting up from the chair and looking in the mirror she said, “This is exactly what I had in mind! I like the color, thank you for what you’ve done”.

Now this is what I call professional. Can you imagine what a nice feeling that was for the stylist? It was the recognition of her work.

Hairdresser, best idea when you are pregnant

The place I am talking-up about was such a good choice for me last summer. We had such a hot summer here and I was pregnant back then. Not only that I had my hair done frequently, but also had the most beautiful manicure & pedicure; it can really become uncomfortable to do these things by your own when you are pregnant. So, even though I gained some kilos and I needed to hold up to a high temperature season, I felt beautiful and fresh all the time.


Brag about people who deserve

I brag about some people here because I simply believe that when we meet such type we should talk about them. I believe that when you spread the word about something beautiful the chances of increasing those kind of things are big.

At Salon Tribute by George Soare I am talking about an entire team, from the girls you talk to for appointments to all the others, that makes that place a worthy one.

I am not such a frequent client anymore because I am a new mom, but I’m still going and I am glad I found them.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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