Winter holidays are coming and all tourist destinations will become crowded. I think if you still want to have some “privacy” on a nice city escape weekend you can have it now. My recommendation for the weekend to come is Vienna.

Take a look at some things you can do in Vienna when you are there just for a few days with your other half.

First of all don’t be close handed with clothes that keep you warm because this time of the year temperature can be at the low rate and once you assured that you brought a proper jacket be prepared to wonder the streets of Vienna.

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Wondering the streets – Stephansplatz

I think you already got used to my habits by now. I mean when I go visit a city I am so eager to wonder the streets and discover everything. Vienna is a good place to do that. I would start with Stephansplatz, this beautiful square with an astonishing church that is actually giving the square’s name. Summer or winter this place is beautiful. Just walk hand in hand and you’ll have this beautiful feeling just by being here.

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Vienna city of castles and museums

Schonbrunn is among must see places in Vienna. You can’t miss it for the world. That’s a royal estate with a lot to offer: romantic walks, history lesson, best jogging area and a nice world for kids who want to discover and see all kinds of beautiful animals from around the world. I am not really a Zoo lover, but I have to admit that this one is the closest one I’ve seen to a good habitat for animals. But of course Schonbrunn is not the only royal palace here. Hofburg for example was the imperial residence once and it is still there, for tourists this time. Vienna is so beautiful with those castles and churches it has. Museums host so many great works of art from along time. Spending a Sunday afternoon at Albertina for example equals an amazing day.

photo 3

The Spanish riding school

There are some things I’ve seen and done in Vienna that I will for sure remember forever and one of them was to attend this show they have at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Those impressively beautiful Lipizzan horses are so proud to show you what they can do. I think there was a moment when tears were just flushing from my eyes. They have those mature horses that behave nicely and just perform impeccable and they also have these young ones that just don’t seem to be that interested in the show and some of them are trying to step on their own rhythm and do whatever they feel. So magic and funny in the same time, Spanish Riding School of Vienna I’ll place it in the top of the list.

photo 4


Vienna is not only about visiting it’s about eating too. If you come to think about it, Vienna is so much about eating. Starting with that nice cheese sausage you’ll find at those small kiosks in the square, continuing with the traditional Vienner snitzel and finishing with all kinds of restaurants of different cuisines, you will be just delighted. Whatever you feel like eating and no matter what kind of environment you need for your mood you’ll find it here. Some recommendations for good restaurants in Vienna you already have on MyTravelStudio here.

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Dog friendly

I am not mistaken when I admit that Viennese are among the friendliest people when it comes to pets. I am sure that sometimes when you travel you just want to have your best friend with you too. Don’t hesitate to bring him to Vienna. As long as you behave civilized you can bring them wherever: parks, stores, restaurants etc. Just don’t forget to always have those special bags for dogs not to leave anything behindJ. The fine is 36 euros!

photo 6

Opera and shopping

Opera and shopping don’t seem to sound so good together but I am out of space here and cannot finish the article without even mentioning these two very important chapters. The Opera has its reputation and buying a ticket for one of their performances will be the best decision. You will just have to believe me on that.

And about shopping that’s another good news. From designers stores in the center, to those on Mariahilfer Strasse or the Designer Outlet Store in Parndorf you have everything. Enjoy!

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I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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