A beautiful life story is the one when we succeed in pursuing our dreams. I recently met a guy who was determined enough to follow his own path and he is now doing exactly what he was dreaming about.

We’ve met Dobrisa five summers ago when having dinner at one of the Konobas, during our boat holiday in Croatia. There was something about him that wouldn’t let us forget the evening and him. He was working as a waiter at his cousin’s Konoba and the fact is that he was doing really well. He is really good at his job and this is why we still remember the food and that evening spent at Konoba Vidrovaca, near the beautiful Krka Natural Reservation.


The beauty of life is that we met this guy again when having our boat trip in Croatia this summer. And here is our story: Dobrisa was working for his cousin for over than 10 years and sometimes he was picturing himself in his own konoba. He found the place, but unlike all the others, this one is not in the way of the boats. And here comes the question: why do you built a restaurant and not put it in the most crowded place? And Dobrisa says: “This is my happy place.”

white swans

Konoba Dobre is a family business, located on the Prokljan Lake not far from the city of Skradin. They built the place three years ago with their own hands. “We were working day and night, sometimes arguing but having only one thing in mind: this is going to be our dream come true”. I also found out something else that drove them, a good quality red wine, made with grapes from their own garden.  About the wine and food we’ll have another talk on our cuisine page.

Back to our story, after the restaurant being ready, the next most important thing was for them to have costumers. The settlement has only three houses and maybe seven people, everybody left when the war started. But the beautiful thing is that many of those who are sailing and met Dobrisa before, are visiting now on his new Konoba.

konoba dobre

Knowing about his new place we booked a table for dinner. You cannot imagine how big the surprise was when we saw this guy. He was almost another person. Besides the fact that he lost some weight, the most visible thing was the look on his face. He was more relaxed and much happier.

The evening we spent at Konoba Dobre was uplifting because of the warmth of the family and every dish the head chef, missis Slavica, has prepared for us. Slavica is Dobrisa’s mother, a very nice and special lady who knows a little about everything and adds a bit of love in every dish prepared for the guests.

fish plate

After a very long and fulfilling dinner/evening we could not leave this place without some of Dobrisa’s wine bottles and of course without the promise that we will come back again. You can find Konoba Dobre on Facebook and when you sail in Croatia make sure you visit the next best Croatian Restaurant.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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