Do you want to be very close to a movie star? If the answer is yes, we are ready to give you 5 well known destinations of the world that celebrities pick for their vacations. So not only will you have a chance to relax on white sand beaches and turquoise waters, but, you’ll also have a chance to see your favorite celebrities on a lounge chair next to you.

In no particular order we will start with the beautiful Miami. If you choose it for your vacation, you simply can’t skip the famous South Beach. It’s the most known and hottest spot of Miami. From the luxurious shopping stores and the crazy night life, this area is the trendiest of Miami.

Chris Hemsworth surely agrees, as he chooses South Beach for most of his vacation destinations. And who can disagree with “Thor”, right?


Next on our list is St. Barts Island. This A-list spot is chosen by classical wealthy Americans and celebrities. The downside is that, unlike Miami, you will not have a chance to see the celebrities wandering around. They stay in private villas, eat at reservation-only restaurants or enjoy the great view St Barts has to offer from the privacy of their yachts. Still a great travel destination, without a doubt.

Every year Ryan Gosling chooses to relax and enjoy his time off on a private beach in St. Barts, as you can see in the picture below.

st barts

Next we have Saint Tropez, another great spot is you want to meet celebrities. It’s mostly known as a great place for windsurfing, sailing and canoeing.  Also, it became a great spot for Americans and Europeans in search of a little authenticity and, obviously, celebrity sighting.

Zac Efron could not agree more, and if you choose St. Tropez as a travel destination you will most likely see him enjoying the amazing blue waters that this place has to offer.


Bermuda is up next, a travel destination that Brad Pitt likes to take his family for a relaxing vacation.

Don’t be fooled by the island’s slight dimensions. You have a lot of choices once you get there: historical sites, golfing, great shopping stores and fine dining. Not to mention that snorkeling is a great way to spend your time because of the “pink sand beaches and aqua blue waters”.


Last but not least on our list is Malibu. Do we need to say that you have a great chance of meeting a celebrity here, or is that given? We are talking about L.A., for the love of God.

Malibu is nicknamed “the BU” by the surfers and is mostly known for its warm, sandy beaches and for being the home of many Hollywood movie stars. No better spot to meet celebrities, that’s for sure.

Seeing Robert Downey Jr. jogging on the beach is a great way to spend your day, isn’t it?


My name is Mirona and I was born in a small city in Romania. I moved to Bucharest a couple ofyears ago and since then my life is pretty much full of amazing adventures. I am one lucky person, I was given the opportunity to travel and not only that, I get to share my stories with you, which is pretty awesome.

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