The reason why

In a world where we all run from here to there, what’s also needed is some relaxation and fun. You just cannot say you don’t have time for yourself. Taking care of your well being is not an option, that is something obligatory and I learned it in the last 3 years and I’m still working on it. It is all about changing habits and the way of life, of course not an easy task. But exactly how you come to this point where you say “there is no time for myself” you will see how beautiful this sentence can turn out not to be true.

Just think about something you would like to do and make it happen, or much easier, turn something you have to do day by day, into something that will bring you some relaxation and fun. For a better understanding I have this perfect example of what I did.


The cooking lesson

My friend Claudia called me one day and said “let’s do something else! I’ll take you to a cooking lesson!”. First I said “Ok, I am cooking almost every day’! And then something triggered in my mind. Even though I am cooking a lot, still it is not that bad so why not make it funnier and more interesting?  So, there we go! Challenge accepted and it was an amazing way of spending time for myself. It happened recently when I was almost 8 months pregnant.


The ingredients

A good chef: a very nice person and with a sharp sense of humor. He is also famous in my country for the simple fact that he really creates nice things in the kitchen. He talks nicely even about the parsley so working together was just beautiful.

Great team: a handful of people from different fields coming together for some quality time. Lots of laughter and a big sense of accomplishment when presenting those beautiful plates.

Professional and nice organizers: they washed all the dishes! Yeah! and not only that! We really had the feeling that we were welcomed there.

Great recipes: something fresh, some pasta and not to mentions the sweet one! I still know how to cook those!

cooking with joseph

The place 

They organize cooking lessons everywhere. Do it in your town, or you can even attend one when going on holiday in some exotic destination. The one I was telling you about happened in Bucharest, where I currently live.

Name of the chef is Joseph Hadad and the class is called “Cooking with Joseph”, you can easily find it at

Cannot wait for the next one!

cooking with jospeh

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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