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Most amazing sunrises & sunsets

Sunrise and sunset, both involves this heated star that gives light and warmth to our home, called Planet Earth. Sunrise and sunset are somehow romantic, amazingly beautiful or, as a friend of mine would say, “a bit too sweetish” (it was in fact a translation of what he’s saying).

Well, having all this in mind we decided to make a ranking of some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. Of course, there are going to be more sunsets because a sunrise would be much harder to catch.

Being in minority we’ll start with this image from another planet, Negev desert. There is this small settlement called Mitzpe Ramon and if you are staying at the Beresheet hotel there is a big chance to catch a beautiful and interesting sunrise that will give you the impression that you just stepped on the moon. Read more about Israel here.


That’s about it with the sunrise but I promise we’ll do our best to have some other soon. I mean I promise there are going to be some other wake up calls at 5:45 to catch a sunrise. And now let’s enjoy some sunsets together:

Sailing is a good opportunity for seeing some special sunsets. This one for example is from Adriatic Sea, Croatia and it was taken while on a speedboat. Find more of our stories about Croatia here.


We remain at the sailing sunsets subject and here we have one from Andaman Sea, Thailand. Close to 6pm you’ll enjoy such beautiful images of the sun going to sleep. Read more about sailing in Thailand here.


In Bali they are actually celebrating sunsets at Pura Luhur temple, in Uluwatu. Hundreds of tourists are coming every evening to watch both performances, one having the sun as the protagonist and the other the white monkey. More about this unique show here: Bali, a place to return to.


At the dusk landscape changes the color and becomes more romantic. I remember such a landscape in British Virgin Island, its beautiful and relaxing.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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