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Top restaurants in British Virgin Islands

MyTravelStudio already presented some restaurants with local food in British Virgin Islands where you’ll have the best breakfast and lunch, but we did not talk much about dining. To be sure you’ll have a table at a certain hour, they usually advice you to make a booking. This is the case with the top restaurants in…

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Best burger in New York

Have you wondered where to eat the best burger in New York? We’ll tell you after a short story. When you think of a burger you are either very hungry or you just let your thoughts fly to America. None of these two versions are wrong; it’s just that something’s missing there. The word hamburger actually…

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Gourmet holiday on Loire Valley

“If oil is the soul of the engine And wine is the drink of the Gods… If grease is the soul of the kitchen And coffee the drink of the Gods…” The lyrics belong to Lady Antebellum, a band I like so much and I want to use them for opening my gourmet page. If…

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