Palaces are the traces left by our predecessors and some of them are so well preserved that it is a real pleasure to visit. Of course castles are also home of princes and princesses from all those nice fairy tales that kids around the world enjoy so much. I really could say a lot about these imposing buildings that belonged to royal families but this time I will resume to the one I visited a few days ago near Vienna. Schloss Hof reminds Austrian people and not only about field marshal prince Eugene of Savoy. In the books he is actually mentioned as one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history.

Prince Eugene grew up around the French king Louis XIV. You would not necessarily describe him as an athletic person so who would’ve thought that he’s going to be an exceptional military commander? Actually King Louis rejected him for serving in the army but he was determined enough to leave the country and offer his services and loyalty to the Hapsburg Monarchy. This is how, late in his life he got to live in this beautiful palace, called Hof Palace. He left the palace to his niece and was later bought by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.


I am telling you about a property that has everything you can imagine a castle would have. There was even a royal dinner “prepared” and arranged on the table, with many fruits and cookies (made from plastic of course).  Every dish and fruit that the chef from that time prepared for Prince Eugene was made in the house. The farm is not very big but just enough to feed everybody around the court. How should I describe the smell and everything I saw in the pantry? Lavender, corn, soft drinks made from fruits and all kinds of spices. All of it was arranged in a very attractive manner.


Schloss Hof is a well-preserved property and they even organize big events like weddings there sometimes. In the same day we were visiting everybody was working hard to prepare the Christmas fair. All the lights they were hanging on the trees, the small wooden houses built on the spot for the small vendors to lure visitors with different goodies, gives a prominent taste of this beautiful Christian holiday.

What did I like the most? I entered the stable and it was love at first sight! They have at least ten horses, different breeds and colors but so very beautiful, all of them. I even met one, his name is Jambo Elmar the XIII, born on the same day and month as me, with a very significant difference, the year of birth J

I intend to believe that the hammock in the picture does not date from the time of Eugene but swaying a couple of minutes, after crossing the whole property, was very welcomed.


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