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How to bake the best blueberry cake

I like food and never refuse a delicious desert, that’s a truth about me that everybody knows. I also like to cook and that’s another known fact about me! The thing you don’t know is that I only baked 3 times in my life; until now! I’ve been challenged by my special friend Daria to…

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My recipe: broccoli cream soup

The green chapter continues on MyTravelStudio’s recipes. As long as there is still a market with local producers selling vegetables from their garden I will go there at least once a week. I get along well with some of them, they are really friendly and once they know what you need, the relationship will be…

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My recipe: Tuna salad

I am well known in my circle of friends and family as the one who’s eating “grass”. Why don’t I admit it, I enjoy eating green leafs and the one reason is because they bring all the freshness into my senses. I usually combine salad leafs with some other fresh vegetables or sometimes with fish,…

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