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How did I start traveling?

From a magazine page to a dream come true When there is somebody special, you’re in love or there’s something that you really like doing, you feel the need to tell everyone how it all begun. Don’t you? I am pretty sure many of you are on the same page with me on this. This…

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How to blog

The Internet has become my new playground, since September 2012 and I learn something new every day since. Almost two years ago I chose to share my traveling paths with the whole world, after a rather hard episode of my life. The good part is that it helped me see more clearly that there are…

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5 new Wonders of the World – When to visit

Everybody knows the seven wonders from the ancient world but how about the new wonders of the world; in fact they were like a touristic guide for traveling in those times. But the oldest list and the most prominent belong to Antipater of Sidon. According to his research the great Pyramid of Giza built by…

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