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5 amazing things about sailing

I keep writing about how wonderful a vacation spent on a boat can be, but this time I will try to reveal my own feelings and tell you 5 amazing things about sailing. My relationship with this kind of traveling started 7 years ago, when I first spent a week sailing in Croatia. Adriatic Sea…

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Best local food in British Virgin Islands

One of the things you’ll always remember when traveling is the food you eat. MyTravelStudio is giving you some ideas about the best local food in British Virgin Islands. Quito’s Gazebo on the beach, this really is something local. They serve lunch and dinner always accompanied by insular music. There is a band playing every…

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Caribbean, a perfect holiday

I live in a country with four seasons and it’s nice having spring, summer, autumn and winter but it’s also inevitably sometimes not to wish for winter when is summer, or vice-versa. And do you know what is really fantastic? When you experience this kind of thoughts to actually have what you wish for!

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