Zadar is a must see location in Europe and reading this article you will find at least one reason. Croatia, especially on the coast of the Adriatic, has developed in the past 10 years, like not many other countries in Europe.

There was the down side during the war and the first years after that, but now you look at a completely changed country.

As far as I am concerned I can tell you this: choosing Croatia, as a vacation destination will definitely fulfill your expectations.

A month ago when I lost my flight to Vienna traveling to Croatia I needed to explain the nice lady from ticketing office that Zadar (Zara) is my destination. Well, she looked at me twice and than admitted she has no idea about a location with that name. The situation was funny because we continued talking about this city from the Adriatic coast and when she finally found me a ticked she said that this could actually be her next holiday destination in Europe.

Mula Lighthouse

Things you don’t have to miss when you visit Zadar


Even though I visited Zadar before, this time I was properly introduced to the city and I found out how beautiful and amazing it is. Things that you can find behind those old walls or how nicely the new part of the city was reconstructed after the war are worth of appreciation.

Staying is Zadar for a few days can be a great idea. When you book a hotel here, you might want to consider the old town, behind the walls and chose a nice boutique hotel like the one called Bastion. This is a nice & cozy hotel with confortable and spacious rooms, perfectly located. Being already in the old town, you should start maybe with a walk behind the walls and enjoy the beautiful church of Saint Donates. Interesting fact about this church and other buildings around is that they were actually erected on the ruins of the Roman Forum. You can still see some of the forums foundations. And something else, if you want to have the most amazing perspective over the city, you should go climb those stairs!

church of Saint Donates

Continuing your walk into the narrow streets of the old town you’ll find yourself in the people’s square, another place that’ll make you enjoy your trip. When you are here don’t forget to buy an ice cream, you’ll find here one of the best ever. Another important thing Zadar has to offer are the souvenir shops. This one I liked particularly and I enjoyed spending some moments inside admiring the handy craft. The small shop is called: “Souvenirs by Skatulica” and the nice girl you’ll find inside will guide you through all those nice souvenirs made with passion. I never miss souvenir shops wherever I go because I appreciate what people’s imagination and hands can do. I really do, on the other hand, like hand made bracelets. I have a large collection from around the world.

souvenir shop

The old town of Zadar speaks about history, it is in fact the historical center of Dalmatia, but the modern part is also something worth being visited. It has all those unique things I am sure you will appreciate as much as I did.

Nicola Basic is a local artist and he had this great vision about his town. He created some extraordinary work.

The sea organ is one of a kind! It is a musical instrument, a system of pipes and whistles located underneath the set of large marble steps. Waves are the ones making that play and the sounds produced create a wonderful feeling. While you are sitting and enjoying that concert, fish are the ones that dance, so the show is complete.

Sea organ

Just a two minutes walking distance from the Sea Organ another beautiful creation of Nicola Basic is located. It is called “Greetings to the sun” or the “Sun salutation”. What’s this about? A series of solar panels that are charging with energy during day and when the evening comes all the colors you can imagine are seen on these panels. It creates a unique visual effect.

sun salutation

I had a special and very skilled guide for Zadar and I really hope that I am at least half as good for you, dear traveler. “Be the experience” and don’t hesitate to include Zadar, Croatia on your list of must see locations in the world.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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