Why visit Loire Valley

The land of chateaux

The Internet is so full of information on where you can travel: “must see locations”, “100 places for your bucket list”, or “top 10 islands” etc. Articles with such titles are among the most searched on Google and the information we receive can prove to be very useful in the end and we could actually achieve something by going there. The idea is that going somewhere, in a completely different place, other culture, other hemisphere could bring you the satisfaction and that fulfilling sensation I keep telling you about. So, starting from this idea, today I was thinking to concentrate more on why we should choose a location.

The location I have in my mind is Loire Valley, which I visited a few years ago, not many. I chose this specific site because sometimes I do like history lessons but when they are happening in the actual place. Loire Valley can offer you one of the most beautiful and elegant history lessons you could ever have. Just imagine renaissance and the age of enlightenment when it comes in French thought and design.

Chateau de Valencay


From the moment they were built until today, all these chateaux have had ups and downs experiences; unfortunately some were destroyed during the French revolution and then World War I and II, but luckily for us Loire Valley is still home for more than 40 chateaux, some of them privately owned, some operated by the government. When it comes to the place I live in, I am more into modern contemporary style but I do appreciate classic as well. I admire buildings from another epoch and this is what you find along Loire Valley. In the three days spent there we visited only a few of them, the majority in Amboise and the surroundings.

Seeing all those constructions, some of them so well preserved will help you make an idea about what Renaissance meant. I think the region was not by chance chosen for all chateaux to be built. Nature is so beautiful along the river and makes the ground very productive. So, the rich people of that era knew exactly were to be in order to have their entire desires full field. Even though, in the late 16th century, leaders of that time decided to move the center of interest to Paris, what has been created here transformed into an important legacy.

Chateau Chenonceau

photo 2 chenonceau

I am still answering the question why should we visit Loire Valley. Some of the most skilled gardeners of the world are showing their mastery and are very determined to obtain that “wow” effect. Gardening is not an easy thing to do but what comes after that hard work is really fantastic. Like I said, the ground is generous and so they can use all kinds of plants to make those extraordinary beautiful gardens. Just admiring them will transpose you in a great state of mind.

Chateau de Villandry

photo 3 chateau-villandry

The chateaux and their gardens do not represent the only reasons why you should visit central France. The region is known worldwide for the wines. I remember having tasted some great red wines. In fact when you ask me where did I have the best wines along my journeys I will also mention about the French ones from Loire Valley, for sure. For the best experience of food combined with wines that we had on Loire Valley, I will tell you soon on villa and hotel review.

While visiting the castles here, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the fairs in the village. All their fresh products are beautifully arranged on the stalls and waiting for you to taste them.

Loire valley wineyard

photo 4 loire wine

I think that UNESCO is doing a great job. They find out about astonishing places of the world, they like and they just say: “Ok, we will make this an UNESCO World Heritage Site”. It is exactly what happened to a large part of the Valley. What they said about it I must quote:

“Loire Valley is an exceptional cultural landscape, of great beauty comprised of historic cities and villages, great architectural monuments – the chateaux- and lands that have been cultivated and shaped by centuries”.

Well, I think the phrase compresses very well the answer of the question why Loire Valley?

Chateau D’ Amboise

photo 5 damboise

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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