Can you believe that in London you may actually hear speaking almost 300 languages? So many cultures, so many people living in this large-beautiful city and I never had the impression that is too crowded. There is room for everybody, numerous tourists and millions of London citizens.

Maybe it became crowded this year at the Olympic Games! London is beautiful with various styles of buildings, from the very old ones to the very modern, large or small boulevards and streets, bridges and parks, castles and churches. I think the combination between old & new I liked the most in London. I just started to make a list that contains the cities where I would live in and London is one of them. One day, friends of mine told me: we are moving to London, and they did!


We were tourists in London, visited as many attractions as we could and took many pictures.  We spent a few days just assimilating. We chose the accommodation strategically so we could see many things just by walking or using the subway. But I’m telling you; the longest walk was till Buckingham palace…ugh! A long walk, but also a nice one, I took pictures of everything in my way. Just imagine the face of every tourist waiting for the change of the guard. This event is now dedicated to them, it is not a job duty anymore, but the spectacle is interesting. At the palace, tourists are waiting and hoping to see the queen also.


If you feel like dining from gold plates, wear white tie or tiara and you are by chance a member of a diplomatic corps, there is a big reception every November at the palace, the biggest of all year actually, when the queen invites the members of the diplomatic corps to enjoy an authentic royal evening.  The biggest room of the palace that is still used for its purpose is the Ballroom and is nice that they are using it.

Buckingham palace is not the only attraction of London; there are so many others, like the Big Ben for example! Everybody knows the clock from the Elisabeth Tower of Westminster by nickname and this is an important piece of London.  In the history of the watch you can find every malfunction and event that involves Big Beg. The tower appears in so many movies, the sound of the clock is used for announcing the exact hour or for the news headlines by some radio stations. I photographed Big Ben and he looks nice in every picture.

london big ben


There is a hotel across the river, Marriott I think, and they are organizing dinners or lunch for those who want to admire from the window all Westminster Palace and it’s not bad to do that at least once in the lifetime.

I saw some other regions of United Kingdom and I’d say that London does not resemble with the rest of the country. The rest of the country seems to have a wild side while London has an elegant allure. Elegant are the people going to work or having lunch or dinner after work. Elegant are people riding bicycles or in subway. Speaking about dress codes, In Paris I saw people wearing haute couture, but in London I saw office! But Paris in another story because I would like to concentrate on London now.


I already revealed that I’m not a big fan of meat, I prefer not to eat it, but I still do and like, at the same time. One dinner in London was in an Argentinian restaurant. Somebody recommended and I will not tell the name because it’s not in my memory anymore! The restaurant was a nice, with large rooms and nice/polite waiters. But I was speaking about meat. They came with a wooden board full of raw meat from where we selected two pieces that they cooked. The side dish was not very important this time, but the meat and the wine where. Delicious describes very well that dinner. So that the city of London has nice touristic attractions, good hotels, all kinds of cuisines and many places to spend some nice time and money!


My story about London could be much longer that it is but it will end here with something that it was actually at the beginning of the trip. We landed at Heathrow somewhere at lunchtime. The flight was not very tiring but we decided to seat and wait until the luggage came. Everybody took theirs but us. So we asked where it could be and they told us that we came without luggage. Such things happen especially when you fly with more than one plain. The thing is we were in London and had so many things to do but get angry because we had no luggage.  They promised it would arrive in the evening or the next day so we took a taxi for the hotel and started the holiday in London. Of course we forgot about missed luggage and enjoyed every step of the way.

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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