We’ll start today a series of articles about Croatia. Back in 2009, when we first visited, we attended an amazing U2 concert, in Zagreb. We left right after the concert but returned a few days later.
Did Croatia give us something amazing this time too? Definitely yes, one-week boat trip (www.navigare-yachting.com) in some of the most beautiful islands and waters, and a friendship to last for a lifetime.

Let me tell you about the boat trip! We took the boat from the nautical center Sukosan, where our skipper and a lagoon L420 (www.sailingeurope.com) were waiting for us. The rest of it was only clear blue perfect waters, lots of green islands, amazing food, perfect sunset, beautiful small marinas, nice people and a lot of laughter.


I have to admit that the key for a successful holiday is to be with someone who really knows the area. This is how you get to have spectacular landscapes, perfect water for swimming and the best fish you can have. Fish for the whole week is my choice but the chefs on the islands, they do know how to cook meet too, or very good pasta for those who prefer something else.
First dinner was on Zut Island on a terrace called Konoba Bain, owned by Stipe Bain. A few tables, nice atmosphere and good cuisine, the only thing, don’t be too late because you might miss the cake! After such a nice dinner, which by the way is repeating every evening, we found a nice spot for the morning coffee, swim and breakfast.

Talking about terraces and food I really need to mention the evening on Krka River. Even if some years went by, we still remember Dobrisa from Konoba Vidrovaca who gave us the best advice on what to eat there and brought dishes we still talk about. I hear the guy runs his own konoba now, on the Prokljan Lake.
I’m lost in the Adriatic cuisine here and I could talk about it over and over, many pages from now!
I’ll stop though and tell you to think about a boat trip and start organizing it. May is a bit late; you will have to plan your holiday with months in advance to find a boat. Here are some great people that will help you plan a perfect vacation: www.navigare-yachting.com.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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