I live in a country with four seasons and it’s nice having spring, summer, autumn and winter but it’s also inevitably sometimes not to wish for winter when is summer, or vice-versa. And do you know what is really fantastic? When you experience this kind of thoughts to actually have what you wish for! It was late November when we flu to Caribbean. Friends of ours found a very nice place (villa Libellule) on the West coast of the island of Saint Martin, in a residential area called Terres Basses, near Marigot. Even though it was some years ago, we still talk about this property with astonishing ocean view, nice buildings, very beautiful garden and pool area. There is a story I heard about this villa. They say that the first owner was a Hollywood director who lost the property on a poker game.

terrace with a view

Caribbean, like a lot of other astonishing places on the planet has many contrasts. There are a lot of territories, group of islands that are sovereign states, overseas departments and dependencies. So there are Danish West Indies, French West Indies, Dutch, Portuguese and others. Just imagine the various offers when it comes to food. I am a gourmand but there are a lot of things I cannot eat. I eat meat, but not so much and definitely not nice animals and I prefer not to eat anything that moves! But I have a confession to make, in the city of Marigot I had the best snails you can imagine. There was a French restaurant called L’oizeau rare. It is not a fancy or very expansive restaurant and it is easy to find. After one dinner there, we returned for one more. On the same topic I also had the best crab, but on the Dutch side this time, in the city of Philipsburg. The place was called Green House.


If you choose Saint Martin you will have some places to eat where you won’t be disappointed and you will find some things to do so that when the holiday is over you can say: that was wonderful! At to do list I would recommend:  boat trip to another islands, if the Atlantic ocean is not too angry. We took a boat for one day and visited surroundings, but couldn’t reach the English islands because of too big waves. Everywhere I looked I saw turquoise water and white send. That is quite a view. There are so many nice beaches where you can enjoy all kinds of cocktails and just feel good. You must definitely not forget snorkeling and water sports. I had great fun making water skiing and I would do this over and over again.


And I remember with pleasure the day we went to the market in Marigot. There were a lot of things a girl would buy. And I bought some! If you chose to stay on the French side don’t hesitate to visit the Dutch Saint Maarten. In the city of Philipsburg, the capital, you will for sure spend some money in the stores where you find quality stuff at an almost reasonable price. The beauty in it is that you are challenged to bargain and once you accept the game you will not stop until you win. Sometimes you leave if you don’t like the competitor, which in this case is the seller. The feeling can be mutual, sometimes they just don’t like you or they are not in the mood for negotiating.

fruits of the world

After a round in the shops you feel the need to have a bite and you will not, for sure die of hunger! The Holland House beach hotel is a good choice for lunch. Salads, meat, pasta, seafood and all kind of choices but not too many dishes, meaning that the menu card was not too thick, which in my opinion sounded good. I once learned that a good restaurant is the one that has not too many dishes. You simply cannot make a lot of dishes and all very good. The lunch was even better having the beach view and being able to see the huge cruise ships coming. I have never seen such colossus, until than. At the moment all the tourists were off the ship, the entire city was occupied. It was the moment we decided to retreat to our very nice Libellule have a barbecue and enjoy the sunset.

monstership in Philipsburg

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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