I love people and I would start the story by telling you that all these astonishing landscapes with mountains, white sand beaches, turquoise water or snow and anything else nature has to offer are completed when accompanied by people. I am sure that every one of you has at least one person in their life that is special and some that make a difference and others that you will perhaps never forget. That is one of the reasons we chose to talk about people in this article. We’ll talk about people we’ve met in our trip to British Virgin Islands and made our stay sometimes funnier and sometimes more interesting. As a tourist it is most likely that “touristic” maps will guide your visit to a place on earth and when you have the privilege to have a chat with a local, even being an expat it represents a special moment. They sometimes tell you stories about the place or just talk about themselves and you seat and sip every word. I am trying to remember the stories I’ve heard so that you can enjoy them too.

British Virgin Islands

I don’t know how many of you heard about “Crazy Richard Mad Juggler”, but he says everyone knows him. After I spent half an hour listening to his stories and seeing him juggling I started to believe that indeed many people might have heard about him. We met Richard on Anegada Island, one, let’s say, uncommon island from British Virgin Islands. I mean every single island here is at least hilly, but on this one, the highest point is eight meters above sea. But the island owns something very precious, the third biggest corral barrier in the world. I’ll be back to all natural treasures and landscapes British Virgin Islands has to offer in some other stories, but for now I’ll go back to my story about people.

So, Richard comes from Michigan and has decided to spend a big part of his time in the Caribbean.  We’ve just been lucky to have met him in Anegada J He only needed a few minutes to become friendly with us so that he can show off his skills in handling torches and knifes. “I just need some beer so that I won’t drop the knife on your feet”, he said. He was talking a very obvious American English and was really conversational. So, for having a quiet chat he invited us in his home and I almost declined the invitation when I heard him telling my friends “common it is just 10 seconds away”. In a blink of an eye these tropical trees surrounded me, and Richard standing before us said: “please step into my living room guys and welcome to my home!” I was moved, until that day I only saw this kind of living space in pictures or TV and Richard showing us his reality was, wow! Between those trees this guy arranged a living space: the tent was his bedroom and for the rest, he placed some furniture and named every corner the proper name: kitchen, dining and living room. He even thought about not hitting your head when you stand up so he tied some kind of a sponge on the branches. After all of us being seated I think you realize the avalanche of questions we had for him. Richard has a family back home and he goes once a year to visit. The rest of his time he spends traveling and juggling. “I’ll go to Puerto Rico next week. You were lucky to find me here because I travel a lot. They keep calling me for this show. I like living like this”. Richard is definitely a character and for sure he did our short stay in Loblolly Bay more pleasant. It was really nice meeting you Richard!

crazy richard

There was somebody else too that took care of us in Loblolly Bay, and when I say took care, I mean paying attention to our glasses. Charlie is that kind of bartender that likes his job. Reaching Anegada is not very easy, but also not impossible, so when you are nearby take the ferry or a charter boat, or even a charter plane and don’t avoid the restaurant and bar with the blue alleys. You will find Charlie here and he’ll prepare one of his fabulous cocktails for sure. And who knows maybe Crazy Richard too. And if you are really lucky there is somebody else you can meet on the island- Dumo.


Dumo is truly a nature lover. His primary occupation is driving a taxi but what he really loves to do is take care of the island. “As long as we keep the island healthy there is nothing that can destroy us. “Even if we get hit by a 5 degree hurricane- it will for sure not destroy the island”. Dumo has shared some of the local secretes with us, about plants and their very important role “the green agave, not the one for making tequila, that is the blue one; so the green one can be very useful. People can even stitch wounds. On the upper end it has a needle and when you carefully pull it out, it comes with a fiber wire”. I was just giving you a hint of how many things this guy knows. He also is very well informed about the flamingo birds on the island, turtles and corrals. They say flamingo birds disappeared at around 19th and 20th century because people started to hunt them for food. They are trying now to reestablish them on the island. So, after a nature history lesson, Dumo thanked us and hit the road because “taxi is what I need to do for earning my living so, as much as I would like to spend some more time with you I am afraid it is not doable now”. It was nice meeting Dumo too and I am sure you would like listening to his stories. After talking to him we didn’t push the limits to see the flamingo birds because we knew that as much as we would love seeing them they would not be so pleased to see us.


Once you start writing/remembering beautiful people and places it can become hard to stop, but it is exactly what I am going to do write now. But this was just episode one about the amazing people I met in British Virgin Islands. Next you’ll hear about Julian Putley, writer and skipper, Patricia, home designer and waitress, Prince, from the Stoutt’s family and a few more great people. For the next stories we’ll be right here on MyTravelStudio. Thanks for visiting us!

caw wreck bay

I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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