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5 benefits of a good night sleep

How did you sleep last night? I am guessing we all know this usual question. Have you ever thought how often is this question being asked? Well, I am so much thinking of it lately! Yeah, you’ve hit it! It’s because I have a baby and he is so much enjoying not sleeping! He is now discovering so many things, the fact that he is able to do so much and of course, sleeping is not so funny anymore! So, the first thing my friends are asking when they call or we see each other is this one: how did you sleep last night? Even though I wake up 3 or 4 times/night, sometimes I am feeling refreshed in the morning and that makes me appreciate even more the benefits of a good night sleep:

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Healthy body & mind

I remember last year being on holiday and staying at this wonderful hotel in Murnau, Germany. I’ll tell you a whole story about the place very soon. But, what I meant to say now is that after the first night I fell in love with the mattress in our bed. It was exactly what I needed, especially because of being pregnant at that time. The entire stay was a bless and a plus for my body & mind was the good sleep I had.  So, after we returned home I studied a bit and realised how important is to have the proper mattress for a good night rest.

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Energy buster

I also remember when being a child, where would you sleep better than in your room? I really don’t remember ever being interested in what kind of mattress did my parents put in my bad, but that was sure good for me at that time. I am now trying to keep my baby in shape even though sometimes he’s sleeping less. But when he sleeps, he’s for sure resting because when he wakes up, he’s like prepared all over again for the activities he adores.


Releases the back pain

Especially now when I take the baby in my arms so many times a day, the effort is greater for my back and there’s not always time for massages or some other activities that could help. What’s always helpful though is a good sleep during the night, so that my back could relax and regain power. A friend of mine recently recommended the Zip Sleep New mattress for a correct posture of the spine and releasing the tension of the shoulders.

Stress release

Did you ever notice that after a good night sleep you’re much cheerful? And of course when you had a rough night everything can be upside down? When you go to sleep tonight you should check your mattress and see how comfortable it is and how much inviting is for a sleep?


Healthy skin

A good night sleep isn’t only about the position in bad and how soft or hard is the mattress you sleep on, but it is also much about the material. I used to wake up sweat and had no idea why? Your skin needs to breath and to touch a nice surface. So when you think about changing the bad take this into consideration too.


I am Anamaria and trilled to welcome you to My Travel Studio. Besides a nice reading & some perfect photo moments I am glad to share with you the adventure that will inspire your own story.

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